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Patent awarded ECG data device

7 March, 2008  

NewCardio, Inc, a development-stage cardiac diagnostic and services company, has announced that it has received a Certificate of Grant from the European Patent Office covering CardioBip, its proprietary device and methodology for transtelephonic transmission of comprehensive electrocardiogram (ECG) data.

The patent award adds to the company’s intellectual property portfolio, awarded on 4 September 2007, for technology underlying its VisualECG and QTinno products, and several US and international patent applications currently under review.

The CardioBip is a unique, hand-held device that provides a solution to the problem of urgent ECG telemonitoring. The CardioBip is capable of providing comprehensive and accurate ECG data that is being transmitted wirelessly.

The CardioBip works without any cables and the device’s electrodes are integrated, offering a potential for integration with popular hand-held PDA platforms.

The patent application was submitted under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) with 33 claims covering the device, related systems and methods of use. All 33 claims were allowed by the European Patent Office on its first office action. The same application is currently being reviewed in the US, China, Japan, and Korea, and the company is awaiting first office actions from these countries.

Branislav Vajdic, PhD, chief executive officer of NewCardio, Inc, said: “We believe the CardioBip technology has an important role to play in detection and monitoring of potentially fatal cardiac diseases. Thus, we are gratified by the European Patent Office’s broad grant of patent rights.

We look forward to hearing soon from other patent offices, including the US Patent and Trademark Office. NewCardio is committed to advancing the widely accepted 12-lead ECG to deliver innovation to the cardiac sciences.”

NewCardio, Inc.