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Orion Health announces global launch of Amadeus

9 December, 2015  

Orion Health, the global technology company at the forefront of the revolution in healthcare, is firing up its offering by launching Amadeus, a platform that will enable highly personalised healthcare and the implementation of Precision Medicine.

CEO Ian McCrae says Amadeus is at the forefront of Precision Medicine – the newest frontier in modern healthcare.

Precision Medicine is enabled when all information unique to an individual is combined to identify preventative care and treatments, which will be effective for them based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors,” says Mr McCrae.

Today many factors impact health outcomes, yet currently, only a few will be taken into account when healthcare decisions are being made. Amadeus will enable doctors to get the insights they need to help them make accurate diagnoses and provide the optimal treatment,” he says.

In addition, patients will increasingly have the information they need to be active participants in their own healthcare.

Amadeus is a secure open-data platform that scales to aggregate and manage different types of health-related data. Orion Health has evolved its industry-leading population health management platform to accommodate huge data file sizes, including genomic (the genetic makeup of the patient) information.

What is particularly exciting is that we are delivering Amadeus as an open platform, upon which third parties can innovate. The platform’s APIs (Application Program Interfaces) will enable third-party applications to have access to rich data and services so that they can provide additional services that will benefit both doctors and their patients,” says Mr McCrae.

Patient privacy is of paramount importance, which is why Amadeus features an advanced privacy service that provides granular access to data elements based on user roles and the sensitivity of the data.

EVP EMEA Wayne Oxenham believes that Precision Medicine will dramatically change healthcare as we know it today.

Current models of care delivery focus on applying treatments to conditions, not individuals. The consequence of that “one size fits all” approach is that individuals don’t receive treatments that take into account factors that make them unique – their family and clinical history, environmental and social factors, and importantly their genome, which when combined with their clinical information can reveal treatment and prevention strategies right for them,” says Oxenham.

Amadeus combines Orion Health’s extensive data integration experience with the scalability and performance of its modern technologies Cassandra™, Spark™ and ElasticSearch™. It has a distributed architecture to handle massive volumes of high velocity data.

The modern data platform incorporates predictive modelling to identify the most at-risk patients in a population to drive rapid decision-making, and will leverage machine learning to make predictions on its immense data.

Orion Health is already making strides into Precision Medicine and last week joined up with fellow New Zealand medical technology company Medtech and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to work together to deliver a world-leading Precision Medicine solution for New Zealand.

McCrae says that Amadeus goes beyond delivering the technology for today’s integrated care and population health management needs – it future-proofs organisations for emerging models of care.

This is a critical evolution of our business, and for healthcare generally. Imagine a world where everyone receives the treatment that’s perfect for them. That’s what we’re aiming for,” says Mr McCrae.