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Organ Care System comes to Europe

HealthLink Europe, an ISO 13485 Medical Device Support Services and Distribution Company that has been providing European customer service and logistics support to the North American device industry since 1994, announced today that it is working with TransMedics to help the company expand its presence throughout Europe.

TransMedics has developed the world’s first commercial, portable, warm blood perfusion system for use in organ transplantation called the Organ Care System (OCS) – designed to maintain organs in a warm, functioning state outside of the body to optimize function and enable continuous clinical evaluation. As a result, hearts beat, lungs breathe, kidneys produce urine, and livers produce bile.

“HealthLink delivers our product to our customers in the quickest and most efficient manner possible,” says Elizabeth Ewaschuk, Director of Supply Chain for TransMedics.

“They’re right there in Europe. They speak multiple languages, so they can communicate with our customers with ease no matter where in Europe they’re located. And when the call comes in, they have our product from their warehouse to our customer as soon as the customer needs it. That’s just one of the reasons why they are extremely important to us. I would be lost without HealthLink. I really would.”

“We are extremely proud to be a part of the critically important business of  TransMedics,” says Richard Hughes, President of HealthLink Europe. “And we also are very proud to be a material factor in their tremendous success.”

TransMedics is a medical device company founded in 1998 by a cardiac surgeon with the mission of developing the Organ Care System (OCS) to replace cold ischemic storage and become the standard of care for ex vivo resuscitation and assessment of all solid organs in preparation for transplantation. Through the use of proprietary technology, the OCS is designed to improve patient outcomes and increase the availability of transplantable organs.

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