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Olympus THUNDERBEAT and VISERA ELITE showcased

Olympus has showcased the THUNDERBEAT – the world’s only surgical energy device which integrates ultrasonic and bipolar energy in a single instrument – and VISERA ELITE, the latest generation High Definition camera system, during a day of surgical procedures screened live to assembled eminent surgeons attending the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (ALS) Annual Scientific Meeting.
THUNDERBEAT and VISERA ELITE were successfully used, together with ENDOEYE video laparoscopes, during eight minimally invasive surgical procedures conducted at Bon Secours hospital in Cork, Ireland on 29 November.
The surgeries included a gastric bypass, splenectomy, incisional and TEP hernia repairs, nissen fundoplication, and anterior colonic resection. Transmitted live by satellite, multiple procedures were visible simultaneously and allowed for interaction between surgeons, theatre staff, session moderators and the audience.
This year’s ALS Annual Scientific Meeting – hailed the ‘Rise of the Machines’ – showcased a range of leading technologies and techniques that are revolutionising laparoscopic surgery and shaping its future. Olympus, already known as a market leader in endoscopic imaging equipment is now also becoming a leading force in the surgical energy market. Olympus’ newest innovation, THUNDERBEAT is a unique and versatile energy device that increases the efficiency of surgery by delivering the fastest cutting speed amongst comparable energy devices.
Its integration of bipolar and ultrasonic energies also make it capable of sealing blood vessels of up to 7mm diameter. The VISERA ELITE imaging platform provided exceptional Image quality and demonstrated perfectly the benefits of the fog free image quality provided by the integrated lens heating technology built into the latest generation of EndoEYEs.
Simona Esposito, Head Of Surgical Energy at Olympus said: “The THUNDERBEAT provides best-in-class performance and improves the efficiency of surgical procedures – and we are delighted to have demonstrated its strengths at the premier meeting for laparoscopic surgeons. The ALS annual meeting is a demonstration of the sophistication of procedures which may be carried out using minimally invasive techniques. Due to the continued global increase in colorectal cancer and obesity there will be a greater need for procedures conducted via a minimally invasive approach, and THUNDERBEAT is an exceptional device that is well placed to meet this demand.”
Colm O’Boyle, Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon at Bon Secours Hospital, commented: “The live surgeries were a great success and enabled an audience of leading laparoscopic surgeons to witness and discuss the procedures and technology with their peers. Our event this year celebrated the rise of new technologies in transforming surgical procedures. Technology such as the THUNDERBEAT is already having a positive impact on the theatres using it, and has the potential to make a significant difference to many more.”