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Nurses welcome new standard uniform

17 December, 2008  

A standard uniform for all NHS health workers in Scotland has been welcomed by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) because it will lower the risk of infection.

The new dress code will ban the traditional white coat, while staff who do not normally wear a uniform, including doctors, will not be required to do so.

When the uniform is introduced next autumn, clinical staff will wear a tunic in one of four shades of blue. Support workers will wear one of two shades of green. The uniform aims to reduce the risk of infection and promote a professional corporate image”.

The RCN’s Norman Provan said. “The new uniforms will allow patients to clearly identify nursing staff. They will also free up significant funds, giving Scotland the opportunity to invest in uniforms that are fully fit for purpose. The fabric will also help combat healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and C difficile“.

The guidelines ban the wearing of white coats and neck ties when dealing with patients and staff are asked to wear short sleeved shirts or blouses. Pens must not be worn in breast pockets.

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