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Novel breast MRI technology launched

Johnson and Johnson have launched a new generation magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) breast biopsy device this week.

The “Universal Mammotome MR Biopsy System” is compatible with a wider range of breast coils and magnets, and can work with the most common method of MR lesion targeting.

It is fast and simple to set up and has a unique aperture that allows physicians to visually locate the probe towards lesions.

The Mammotome also has a depth locking system, giving stability and maintaining consistent depth during sampling.

A mammotome procedure involves the single insertion of a needle equipped with a vacuum device. Under MRI supervision, this device can gently vacuum, cut and remove suspicious breast tissue for evaluation.

“Mammotome is one of the most widely used devices in minimally invasive breast biopsy, and now we can offer it to more patients at high risk for breast cancer,” says Mary Mahoney, director of Breast Imaging at the University of Cincinnati.

“I appreciate the simplicity this next generation system offers, and that it is compatible with out existing system.”