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NHS Professionals announces two new partnership agreements

1 September, 2010  

Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), having been a client of NHSP for six years since August 2004, has signed a new contract which covers the Trust’s flexible worker arrangements for Nursing, Administrative & Clerical staff and includes hosting an eRostering service for use across all the Trust’s staff groups.

The new agreement has been structured to allow the Trust to include additional flexible worker staffing groups in the future at much lower rates.

Alan Farmer, Director of Workforce Development at PAH commented ‘We are delighted to enter this partnership with NHSP. We already benefit from the excellent service NHSP’s managed service provides and in particular from our onsite NHSP client relations team. Now with the new eRostering module added to the service we will be able to realise even more benefit from the solution as there is little capital expenditure and no complex IT project to deliver.
This will result in even more efficiencies and spend reduction enabling us to achieve our targets for the Trust’.

The service that NHSP provides to King’s covers the provision of all Nursing and Administrative & Clerical staff together with the inclusion of a new service which introduces an eBookings platform for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and locum doctors.
NHSP has been working with King’s since 2005 and has increased the proportion of shifts filled by bank staff from 67% to 85%.

During the period of this new contract the Trust and NHSP will be working towards eliminating the use of expensive agency staff across the board.

Paula Townsend, Deputy Director of Nursing at King’s said ‘Since partnering with NHSP we have seen significant improvements in efficiency levels. Having access to NHSP’s online systems means we are able to concentrate on front line delivery’.

Neil Lloyd, Chief Executive of NHSP, said: ‘We are delighted to announce the news about our new agreements. Both Trusts can be confident that our flexible staff are fit for their requirements as we take full responsibility for their mandatory training, clinical governance management and assurance. All of this is underpinned by robust Management information systems which allows Trusts to be completely aware of the financial and quality controls that are embedded within our contracts’.

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