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NHS hospital “to make £3m from parking”

Health bosses have been accused of “taxing the ill” after it emerged one NHS trust made nearly £250,000 in a month from parking charges.

The Patients’ Association said hospital visitors around the country forked out just under £100 million last year.

In the wake of a recent price hike, Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge is on course to make just under £3 million from parking this year – a record for an NHS trust – if it continues to pull in the £248,000 generated in April.

Michael Summers, of the Patients’ Association, said: “The hospitals are just so intent on making money. The sad thing about it is they are making very large amounts out of their staff, people who are ill and their relatives.

A spokesman for Addenbrooke’s Hospital said: “The income generated from car parking charges allows us to provide a high-quality parking service on site for people who really need it.

“All the car parks on site are self-funding, which means that no money intended for patient care is spent on parking.”

He added that visitors were encouraged to use alternative means of transport to travel to the hospital.

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