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NHS ambulance service manages IT targets

An ambulance service in the UK has procured software to help it achieve IT targets.
NETconsent automated policy and procedure management software has been purchased to help North East Ambulance Service achieve some of its information governance targets.
A pilot project will distribute two policies to 5% of the workforce. 100 users of the system will have an opportunity to feedback before the full roll out. A staged implementation is being adopted, as there are a huge number of policies and procedures within the trust.

New and updated policies will be presented to staff at the point of logging on. Everyone will be able to view a complete record of all policies and procedures relevant to them anywhere and anytime. Managers and auditors will have access to real-time compliance reports.
When asked about NETconsent Simon Featherstone, Chief Executive of North East Ambulance Service, said: “I am excited to see NETconsent rolled out across the trust as digital signing of policies is clearly the way forward, especially in an organisation the size of ours.”
“NETconsent is a huge leap forward, not just for our trust but for the NHS in general” says Steve Hough of the Clinical and Strategy Directorate Service Development Team. “Where we lead on this, others are sure to follow.”
North East Ambulance Service