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Newborn Foundation and Masimo partnership reaches 52,000 babies and 1000 health workers

Masimo and the Newborn Foundation has announced that the BORN Project, their joint commitment to the United Nations’ Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) initiative, has now screened 52,000 newborns across 40 delivery sites in China for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD), pneumonia, and sepsis.

In addition, 1000 health workers and public health staff have now been trained in neonatal pulse oximetry screening through the BORN project, which is also marking its third anniversary.

These progress updates were discussed at a UN General Assembly event in New York City on  September 19, “Harnessing the Power of Technology and Partnerships to Combat Newborn Mortality.” The announcement comes on the heels of news that the National Health and Family Planning Commission, People’s Republic of China, and the Chinese CDC have convened a formal national committee to establish country-wide implementation and screening protocols for universal newborn pulse oximetry screening.

The BORN (Birth Oximetry Routine for Newborns) Project, developed by the Newborn Foundation in partnership with Masimo, aligns with public health initiatives with the goal of reducing newborn mortality from CCHD, pneumonia, and sepsis in pilot regions. It also provides substantive data to public health officials to demonstrate the importance of investment in sustainable universal newborn screening programs and improved access to follow-up care for fragile babies.

The project has provided the first large deployment of smart device-paired pulse oximeters for use on newborns. Training and educational tools, combined with the Masimo iSpO2® Rx smartphone- and tablet-paired pulse oximeter, teach families about the benefits of screening and allow healthcare workers at every level to screen babies and interpret screening results, helping to increase the rate of timely diagnosis and referrals.

We have more than met the goals of the project since its launch, and seeing the impact on so many lives has been humbling,” said Annamarie Saarinen, CEO of the Newborn Foundation. “The real impact has been in working in partnership with the government to bring this policy to fruition.”

The BORN Project is conducted in collaboration with the China Office for Maternal and Child Health Surveillance, the China CDC, the Mianyang Health Bureau. It has been supported by Masimo, the Masimo Foundation, and the London-based Global Innovation Fund. An interim report on the findings of its impact of screening at hospitals in rural Sichuan Province was recently presented to the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China and Chinese CDC.

Established through an initial three-year, $50,000 commitment from Masimo in 2014 and subsequent $100,000 equipment donation, the BORN Project has now launched in the Philippines, where it is in the process of screening 72,000 newborns across 28 urban and rural hospitals, spanning all three island groups. The BORN Project is also expanding into India, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Pakistan, and Mongolia. The Newborn Foundation leads advocacy and implementation efforts, which focus on education, training and metrics on the benefits of routine pulse oximetry screening of newborns, as well as follow up diagnosis and treatment protocols.

We must reframe how healthcare is delivered to the youngest and most fragile patients,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “The work we are doing is already having a powerful impact in China and beyond. We are proud that Masimo SET®, with its proven clinical accuracy and reliability, is able to help save the lives of many newborns.”

Every Woman Every Child

The Masimo and Newborn Foundation partnership was among the first commitment makers as part of the UN Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child initiative. EWEC directly contributes to the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health and the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With more than 50,000 rural and underserved babies impacted through their work thus far, Masimo and the Newborn Foundation, in collaboration with EWEC, are committed to addressing obstacles and tackling the unmet Millennium Development Goals for reducing mortality for children under the age of five, through the SDG initiatives.

iSpO2 Rx does not have 510(k) clearance and is not available for sale in the United States.