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xSPECT technology improves diagnostic confidence at St George’s

St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust has become the first in the UK to install the new Symbia Intevo™ xSPECT technology from Siemens Healthcare.

The Trust has installed two of the systems, a Symbia Intevo Excel and Symbia Intevo T16 as part of a major upgrade within its nuclear imaging diagnostic facility.

The Intevo technology is joined by a Symbia® S multi-purpose SPECT system with the three new installations helping to meet present and future workload requirements within the Trust.

The Symbia systems have replaced three gamma cameras within the department and are being used for a wide range of procedures, including tumour, infection and skeletal imaging. The xSPECT technology integrates high sensitivity single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and high specificity CT, combining them to provide anatomical and functional information. The excellent image quality and additional available information has improved diagnostic confidence to clinicians in the department.

We are delighted to be the first site to install the latest Intevo technology from Siemens Healthcare,” states Andy Irwin, Consultant Clinical Scientist at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust. “We have completely revitalised the department, and Siemens were on hand to help with the design of a joint control room, enabling us to continue to increase efficiency and departmental productivity. The team are very happy with the applications training received and have found the interface across all three Symbia systems very intuitive.”

The new Symbia Intevo xSPECT systems reconstruct both the SPECT and CT portions of an image into a high frame of reference for precise, accurate alignment of information allowing for differentiation between tissue boundaries in bone imaging. The systems use more CT data than ever before and are still able to limit patient dose by offering Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE). The systems also use AUTOFORM collimator, capturing up to 26% more counts, helping boost image acquisition time and patient throughput.

Malcolm Pickering, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare states, “The Symbia Intevo is the world’s first xSPECT system and demonstrates Siemens’ commitment to continuous innovation. The SPECT and two xSPECT systems are a major upgrade to St George’s Nuclear Medicine Department and are already providing clinicians with additional confidence when it comes to supplying an accurate and rapid diagnosis for patients.”