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Global launch of haemoglobin analyser

7 June, 2013  
EKF Diagnostics has announced the global launch of a new strip-based test for quick and easy haemoglobin analysis for anaemia determination.
STAT-Site M Hgb, a hand-held analyser that combines low cost per test with portability, will be introduced at ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion), Amsterdam, 2–5 June 2013, Stand 128.
STAT-Site M Hgb is a pocket-sized device that reliably delivers accurate haemoglobin analysis results within 30 seconds from 15 µL of finger-prick whole blood. This haemoglobin photometer is maintenance-free, and whilst guarantees optimum performance and reliability. Intuitive, step by step on-screen instructions minimise training and ensures ease of use.
Due to its durability, portability and user-friendliness, STAT-Site M Hgb is especially suited to blood screening programmes in developing world markets, but it also has a niche in settings where operators are mobile. Using just one 3V Li type battery for every 1,000 tests and with an operating temperature range of 16° to 35°C, the analyser is ideal for field use.
At ISBT, EKF will also be demonstrating its Hemo Control (sold as HemoPoint H2 in the US and Asia) haemoglobin analyser designed to provide quantitative, lab quality results (imprecision < 2%) within 25 seconds for blood banks, hospitals and clinics. From one simple test this portable and robust analyser delivers results for both haemoglobin and haematocrit and, new for 2013, includes Hemo Control Light pre-loaded data management software. The software enables users to connect directly to hospital and laboratory information systems.
Hemo Control uses unique patented microcuvette technology – the NXT microcuvette. This enables precise and easy blood collection and significantly reduces the risk of air bubbles appearing in blood samples. By minimising occurrences of air bubbles in a sample, the NXT microcuvette ensures less waste and therefore reduces cost.