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New scan technology launched

28 February, 2008  

A new diagnostic support and treatment follow-up tool has recently been launched in the UK.

This patented technology scans the interstitial fluids of the body using a technique called bio-impedance. The scan takes three minutes to complete with the patient being connected to six electrodes.

Following the scan, the software computes the readings and produces information on body composition; possible dysfunction in major organs; blood pressure and oxygen level estimates; estimates of biochemical, electrolyte, hormone, acid and alkali levels in interstitial fluids; oxidative stress levels; neurotransmitter levels; and a statistical risk analysis highlighting major health risk areas.

The device, called EIS-health scan biosensor will make recommendations if it finds any areas of serious dysfunction, and it also aims to act as a spur to patients to lead a healthy lifestyle, by presenting their current health status visually.

Although not a diagnostic tool, the EIS-health scan biosensor does highlight potential problem areas that might warrant further investigation. In addition to the analysis, the programme will give recommendations in respect of diet and micro-nutrition based on the biochemical and body composition data.

The system is aimed at health practitioners seeking a holistic view of the body, and claims to be a cheaper alternative to a full body scan.
The manufacturers of the product, EIS Health Scanner, say that there are almost 2,000 EIS-health scan systems in use in Europe and North America.

EIS-health scan