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New SATO sample labelling system

SATO, the global leader for barcode printing, labelling and RFID solutions in the medical and healthcare industries, has launched a new intelligent printer system that accurately and quickly prints labels for phlebotomy blood tube and clinical samples at the patient’s side. The TH2 printer is a smart printer, which enables medical staff to improve accuracy of data collection and sample tracking for increased patient safety.
As a smart printer, TH2 label printer offers portable, standalone, barcode scanning and intelligent printing without the need for a PC, ink or ribbons.
The SATO system allows the capture of data on patients’ wristbands quickly and outputs high-quality printed sample identification labels carrying secure personal details. It is simple to use with fast data capture and prints easy-to-read sample data for improved traceability and secure scanning at further identification points.
In many cases, labels are currently hand written or printed away from the patient’s side, but this poses potential risk of unclear, illegible labels and the opportunity for error.  Clear and accurate labels which include sample data and time can now be printed beside the patient, eliminating those risks. Clinical staff can be assured that the right sample is assigned to the right patient, so they can ensure the correct results and diagnosis.
By using the TH2 system medical staff can reduce the time it takes to complete sample collection and identification, as it eliminates any difficulties in identifying samples and any subsequent re-testing required, helping to increase efficiencies in the medical centre or laboratory.
Being a completely customisable system, the TH2 label printer can be easily tailored to perform the tasks required by any medical department, for example, for other functions such as drug or food labelling. The large internal database can hold around one million records for immediate recall.
Designed with practical use in mind, the intuitive TH2 printer is easy to use. Mobility is achieved by the internal, high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows between 4,000 and 5,000 labels to be printed from a single charge. The TH2 also features an in-built keypad, so there is no need for a PC in close proximity.
In addition, the printer casing is made from an antimicrobial material to limit the spread of bacteria and the label material is pathology proven and available in standard sizes to fit all tube types.
“Traceability of samples in hospitals and clinics is vital for ensuring patient safety,” says Ikuo Dobashi, Chairman of SATO Corporation and SATO International Europe. “If your healthcare trust uses electronically printed patient safety wristbands with barcodes, the new TH2 printer is a cost-effective system that provides complete process security.”
The TH2 printer enables medical staff to adhere to National Patient Safety Association guidelines.  As a GS1 Accredited Solutions Partner, SATO’s complete print and labelling systems also meet the high standards for 2D barcode print quality.