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New pain management tool set to save NHS millions

A brand new innovative mobile app has been developed by ADI Healthcare (Advanced Digital Institute) to help patients manage their pain independently.

ADI Healthcare was awarded £885,942 from SBRI Healthcare after being chosen from a competitive bidding process to secure the funds. Development of PainSense apps could help save the NHS around £20 million, in addition to helping patients manage their pain successfully without the need to access clinical services.

PainSense is an app-based CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) agent for supported self-management of persistent pain.  It includes a range of features such as tension alerts, relaxation resources, medication tracking and the use of games to support engagement, goal setting and adherence.

PainSense apps improve supported self-care and are integrated into GP/Providers systems allowing safe sharing of records across N3 secure systems. Initial pathway results have already shown a 20% reduction in pain related medication, a 50% reduction in GP consultations and a 27% reduction in onward referrals to pain or orthopaedic services.

It has also seen 80% of people saying that their personal goals for managing pain had been achieved.

John Eaglesham, Chief Executive of ADI, said: “The launch of the app is fantastic news for ADI, for our NHS partners, and for the people living with chronic pain. We are really excited to be working with clinical experts in Leeds and Heywood in implementing the PainSense pathway enabled by the new app and to further develop the suite of self-help digital products to support people with chronic pain.

According to the British Pain Society more than five million people attend a UK GP each year suffering with chronic pain. With the introduction of the PainSense app, GPs and medical professionals can help to reduce clinical attendance and improve services for other patients.

Karen Livingstone, Director of SBRI Healthcare, said: “This funding growth is testament to the program’s success and reaffirms NHS England’s commitment to healthcare innovation and evidencing the contribution of the NHS to the wider economy.

Through SBRI Healthcare we are seeing exciting new technologies and products that will bring a sea change in patient care.  The program is also building successful business in the life science sector – vital for UK growth.

David Harson, Program Manager at ADI Healthcare, said: “Without SBRI funding it would have taken much longer to develop the proof of concept service and evaluation, and it is then difficult to see how we would have progressed to development of the commercial service without this investment.

The official product launch will take place at the BPS event on 21–23 April, the Kind Fund Digital Health Event in June along with the Birmingham and Manchester Commissioning Live Events 2015.

More information on the app can be found by visiting