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New medication safety software

The FDA has given Smiths Medical clearance for their new medication safety software, which makes programming pain management infusion pumps simpler and safer.

The CADD-Sentry Pro™ Medication Safety Software reduces the risk of errors by enabling medical professionals to enter standardised pain therapy protocols onto a secure database on the hospital computer network and then download them into a pump. Clinicians were previously the ones programming each pump individually.

The software has two applications: the Administrator software, which enters, manages and stores therapy protocols in a secure database on the hospital computer network; and the Point of Care software, which accesses and downloads the protocols into a CADD-Prizm PCS II ambulatory infusion pump. The Point of Care software incorporates additional safety features, including barcode verification to ensure that the patient receives the right medication and another verification feature which ensures that a second nurse review the pump program before starting an infusion.