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Launches give Roche the most comprehensive immunosuppressive drug monitoring portfolio

Roche announced the market availability of the new Elecsys® Sirolimus and Everolimus immunosuppressive drug assays.

The launch of these two assays, which complement the currently available mycophenolic acid (MPA), Elecsys Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine assays, completes the Roche Diagnostics immunosuppressive drug monitoring portfolio.

The Elecsys Immunosuppressive drug (ISD) assays offer high precision and consistent results, which are vital factors in helping physicians to correctly tailor immunosuppressive therapy to individual organ transplant patients.

Immunosuppressive drug monitoring requires a high level of precision to ensure that patients receive the optimal therapy. The new Elecsys ISD Assays will offer reliable, life-long testing to patients who have had organ transplants,” said Jean-Claude Gottraux, Head of Roche Professional Diagnostics. “This full offering also provides clinical laboratories with the opportunity to optimise their workflows and consolidate testing for a wide range of relevant markers on a single platform.

This is a further example of the Roche commitment to invest in personalised healthcare”. Immunosuppressants must be taken continuously by recipients of organ transplants to prevent transplant rejection. If the dose of the medication is too low it may lead to organ rejection, while excessive doses can cause severe side effects. Therefore, it is important to monitor their concentrations in patients’ blood precisely.

With the Elecsys ISD assays, the required pretreatment step can be done with only a single procedure and reagent, which brings a clear benefit in terms of testing efficiency and reduction of handling errors.