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New Jersey hospital selects JAOtech for second generation patient bedside terminal roll-out

1 October, 2009  

Holy Name hospital of Teaneck, New Jersey, USA, has selected JAOtech Smart Terminals for its second generation bedside entertainment and communication system.

Holy Name hospital is one of the US pioneers of patient bedside all-in-one computers, and the 340 JAOtech Jima units replace its existing six year old terminal estate, upgrading the entertainment system enabling future access to patient electronic medical records.
Commenting, Frank Marano, Systems Infrastructure Director, Information Technology at the hospital said: “With the JAOtech terminals we are leveraging the latest technology to fulfil our patients entertainment needs. We are impressed with the high quality design and medical grade finish to the JAOtech terminals, its all-in-one design is much more practical and stylish than our previous units while providing greater reliability and ease of use.”
Holy Name hospital was one of the first in the US to offer patients “triple play” bedside entertainment. It is planning to use the JAOtech terminals as a basis to roll out further innovative functions to the patient’s bedside. According to Frank Marano: “The JAOtech terminals not only offer patients an exceptionally high quality presentation of multimedia content from video, TV and Internet, but also have the capacity to support other functions such as secure access to clinical information at the bedside. This function is currently in the process of being implemented and will use RFID staff badges supplied by HID to provide convenient and secure access. We anticipate that we will recoup our investment in the new infrastructure in around 3 years, based on productivity improvements as well as revenue from the sale of entertainment services to patients.”
Warren Kressinger-Dunn, CEO of JAOtech, added: “Holy Name is at the forefront of patient wellbeing when it comes to hospital technology, and this is one of the very first second-generation installations to be rolled out. We are delighted that JAOtech terminals have been selected to support this high profile and significant project.”