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In-ambulance rapid Triage Test to be trialed in major Scandinavian study

Swedish Medical University, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm South General Hospital/Södersjukhuset, KI SÖS, and Helsinki University Central Hospital, HUCH, have been supported by ViroGates to initiate a pivotal ambulance study exploring the use of suPARnostic® in a new method for pre-hospital patient assessment.

ViroGates announced that an ambulance study aimed at testing 500 patients with its rapid suPARnostic® Triage Test will commence in May 2015. The study will affect 65 ambulances in the Stockholm area and around 25 ambulances in the Helsinki area over a period of 6–9 months.

suPARnostic®  can help acutely ill patients upon Emergency Room arrival
More than 10,000 emergency patients admitted to the acute care wards in Denmark, Austria and Finland have been tested with suPARnostic®. The publications confirm, that the biomarker suPAR is an independent marker of disease severity in heterogeneous patient cohorts, showing that suPARnostic® can help clinicians in the initial risk assessment and early triage of acutely ill patients upon Emergency Room arrival.

This new study will focus on the patient benefits of doing this evaluation prior to patient transport to the hospital.

New patient benefits of pre-hospital triage to be tested at KI SÖS and HUCH
The biomarker suPAR’s ability to predict severity in a broad variety of diseases has been extensively clinically validated in more than 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals, but this is the first pre-hospital ambulance study to be carried out.

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Professor Dr Maaret Castrén from Helsinki University Central Hospitals says, “If suPAR as already documented in the Emergency Room also improves pre-hospital assessments it will change the way future pre-hospital triage is performed and we will be the first to apply it in this field”.

Much faster clinical decisions and better use of hospital resources
We are very excited to support Karolinska Institutet, Södersjukhuset and Helsinki University Central Hospital in conducting this pre-hospital study. We hope to find an even stronger patient value of using suPARnostic® so early in the assessment of the patient. In addition, it will allow clinicians in the acute care wards to make clinical decisions much faster than currently done. This will potentially allow for better patient treatment and better use of hospital resources,” says Jakob Knudsen, CEO ViroGates A/S.

The aim is to submit the outcome of the study for publication early 2016.

About ViroGates
ViroGates is an international diagnostic company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. ViroGates develops and distributes prognostic products for healthcare management. The novel ViroGates products labelled suPARnostic®, measures a protein known as soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR). In clinical practice, suPAR’s main application is screening of individuals to determine the risk of disease progression of the patient. The suPARnostic® product range has been tested in more than 170,000 patient samples and results have been published in more than 300 articles in accredited journals.

The first commercial suPARnostic® product was an ELISA-based test kit for the quantitative determination of suPAR in human plasma. The novel suPARnostic® Quick Triage product is a simple lateral flow device that is based on human plasma to assess the disease severity of the patients in need of a fast response, typically when entering the hospital system (acute care). ViroGates has launched the suPARnostic® products in Europe, Africa and Canada.