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NCR appoint Intouch to help sell touch screens to the NHS

27 July, 2009  

NCR have announced they have appointed “Intouch with health”, the innovative electronic health information provider, to resell NCR SelfServ, touch screen kiosks and maintenance services to the NHS.

“Intouch with health” is designed to provide patients with the independence to make the correct health and lifestyle choices for themselves whilst reducing the total cost of treatment for healthcare providers. Intouch delivers this information via touch screens, digital bedside TV’s, portable PCs and telephones.

Paul Blackburn, Intouch with Health CEo said, “Consumers are increasingly turning to the web for information about medical conditions, treatments, care options, support groups and self-care advice. Yet 30 per cent of UK households do not have internet access at home, according to the broadcasting regulator Ofcom. Touch screens are proving popular with consumers and clinicians alike as a means to bridge this digital divide.”

The NCR SelfServ touch screens allow patients to view information fact sheets, diagrams and video interviews as well as offering information regarding prescriptions. The NCR touch screens play a role in delivering anticipatory care programmes within the NHS  through a range of applications, such as the “Staywell services” which delivers tailored education to patients with long-term health conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Angina and Diabetes.

Blackburn said, “we have selected NCR SelfServ 60 kiosks as they are much more reliable and durable than competing solutions we have assessed. They are supported by a national network of trained engineers and are available at an affordable price point. This is important as doctors’ practices and hospitals need solutions that patients can use whenever and wherever they need them.”

Intouch with health will be reselling NCR’s installation and maintenance services, recognising it as one of the world’s top 10 maintenance provider. Warwick Lawson-Syer, NCR’s European Director of Healthcare said, “with industry-leading performance, serviceability and reliability, NCR SelfServ 60 touch screens provide an ideal platform for Intouch’s innovative applications. They meet a clear need in facilitating the delivery of relevant health information to a wider community and enabling the NHS to obtain the direct benefits of improved patient outcomes and reduced operational costs.”