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Mobile digital mammography takes to the road

12 May, 2009  

A mobile mammography roadshow showcasing Siemens’ future-proof full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system is in first gear for a summer and autumn tour of 15 hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales. The MAMMOMAT Inspiration will be on the road from June to October 2009.

Without needing to leave trust sites, mammographers and radiologists will be encouraged to view the system and receive detailed information on the stereotactic biopsy and tomosynthesis aspects that make the system a future-proof investment for symptomatic and screening needs.  

The complete workflow solution from worklist download, image acquisition and data transfer to PACS will also be demonstrated, highlighting the entire spectrum of modern mobile mammogram needs.

“With the capability to examine 15 patients an hour, the workflow efficiencies that the Inspiration offers are highly beneficial in a screening environment that demands speed, plus it doesn’t compromise on the comfort of patients. New compression technologies, paddle design and the MoodLight feature, which emits calming colours into the examination area to ease anxiety, combine with data transfer and archive functionality to support next-generation breast care,” states Lynn Blackburn, product manager of the Inspiration at Siemens Healthcare.

The syngo MammoReport workstation offers high-volume processing power ideal for screening and diagnostic work. For example, one case of eight mammograms can be called up in less than one second. The presentation of high image quality, full spatial resolution with magnification, zoom and pan, RIS integration and computer-aided detection (CAD) support enables efficient workflow, meeting the pressures faced by hospitals and clinics today.  

The Siemens Healthcare Mammo roadshow will offer various formats for visitors – “drop in” during the day, formal lunchtime sessions and evening events.