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Mio launches the MioCARE range of healthcare tablets

Mio, a brand of Mitac International Corp., has launches the MioCARE range of tablet devices designed to meet the specialised needs of healthcare professionals. The range, comprising the MioCARE A105 and MioCARE Z100, is set to offer effective optimisation for today’s healthcare work environment. The A105 includes a world’s first; an integrated barcode scanner not seen on previous pocket-sized tablets especially designed for healthcare.
A world’s first in a healthcare tablet
The MioCARE A105 uses the world’s first integrated 2D barcode scanner to capture, track and trace. For increased efficiency, improved outcomes or eliminating counterfeit drugs, 2D barcodes are being widely adopted in healthcare for pharmaceuticals, patient identification, specimen tracking and unique device identification of surgical instruments. These implementations put Mio at the forefront of the healthcare tablet industry.
Designed for the healthcare environment
The MioCARE range was designed after extensive research into the optimal width, height and weight for a device to be held in one hand. The devices have a Polycarbonate disinfectable surface and the A105 has one metre drop resistance and is IP54 rated for water resistance. The result is a genuine handheld device for the healthcare industry that can be carried and used comfortably throughout the working day.
Optimising the healthcare work environment
All devices in the MioCARE range share a number of features that make them stand out as innovative tablets for the healthcare industry. Both are equipped with a camera and microphone and promote real-time collaboration and communication. Both are flexible and programmable – the Android based operating system means it’s easy to integrate apps and solutions onto the MioCARE tablet, allowing the device to become a host to logistics, tracking, dictation and more. The A105 is supported with single and six unit charging and network cradles, essential for use in busy healthcare environments.
Data security
A key feature of the MioCARE A105 is its security options, which include two factor smartcard authentications via cradle or Bluetooth smartcard accessories, access logging and log on solutions for non-clinical use.
“The launch of the MioCARE range, based on a two year healthcare collaboration, is a new venture for Mio, but one that has the potential to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry” said Mike West, Vice President, Operations at Mio. “The range is designed to succeed where similar devices have failed – they are dedicated to healthcare, simple to use, allow for easy application integration and fit seamlessly into the healthcare environment, while the A105’s unique barcode function is a future mainstay of healthcare tablets. The MioCARE range will make for quicker, more efficient and secure data collection, the results of which are improved systems and patient care.”