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Micrus Endovascular Announces Positive DeltaPaq Microcoil Study Results

27 July, 2009  

Micrus Endovascular Corporation announced that study results presented recently at the 10th Congress of the World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (WFITN) demonstrated that the DeltaPaq microcoil’s proprietary design appears to improve the uniformity of coil distribution within a cerebral aneurysm and the degree of microcoil packing in the aneurysm dome and neck, which may reduce the risk of aneurysm recurrence.

Bernard R. Bendok, Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery and Radiology, Department of Neurological Surgery of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and Matthew Gounis, Director of the New England Center for Stroke Research at the University of Massachusetts, served as principal investigators for the Micrus-sponsored in vitro study.

“The objective of this study was to assess whether the type of coil used had an impact on packing density and coil distribution within an aneurysm,” said Dr. Bendok. “Conventional thinking has been that higher packing density reduces coil compaction and therefore leads to fewer retreatments. This study suggests that the DeltaPaq microcoil may improve uniformity of coil distribution and demonstrated that DeltaPaq had a statistically significant greater packing density compared with traditional helical and complex coil designs. This is the first study to examine coil distribution in different sections of an aneurysm. Uniformity of distribution, which was found to be superior with DeltaPaq, is a possible predictor of treatment durability.”

Ron Benitez, of the Atlantic Neurosciences Institute, Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ, commented, “In general, my personal experience is that with Cerecyte coils I see better outcomes than I did when using bare platinum coils. My approach today is to frame with one or two Presidio Cerecyte or MicruSphere coils, followed almost exclusively by DeltaPaq Cerecyte coils. The DeltaPaq coil is more conformable than other filling coils and therefore able to better find open voids in the aneurysm, leading to a more complete packing or filling of the aneurysm. I believe that the combination of Cerecyte with DeltaPaq’s filling capabilities will undoubtedly lead to a further reduction in my recanalisation and retreatment rates.”

“We are singularly focused on developing and commercializing innovative products for the neurointerventional market,” said John Kilcoyne, Chairman and CEO of Micrus Endovascular. “Our DeltaPaq features a completely new coil technology we call “Delta Wind,” which was designed to improve the interventionalist’s ability to more thoroughly fill aneurysms. The market has responded very positively to DeltaPaq, which represented 13% of our revenues in our most recently reported quarter. We are equally excited about our DeltaPlush extra-soft, stretch-resistant finishing coil, also based on our Delta Wind technology, which we plan to launch later this fiscal year.”

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