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MESA to launch in the UK

Medical Equipment Solutions and Applications (MESA), the leading provider of pan-European diagnostic imaging asset management and service solutions, announced today the launch of their diagnostic imaging, multivendor service offering in the UK, which began earlier this year with the commencement of asset management, equipment sales, and maintenance service solutions for London-based Alliance Medical Group. The service formally started in the beginning of February 2013.
This includes ‘Tier 1’ equipment (MRI, CT, PET CT, Angiogram) as well as ‘Tier 2’ equipment (mammogram, ultrasound, and general X-ray). Having just completed their first quarterly business review of performance, MESA and Alliance Medical are pleased to announce their long-term, multi-vendor asset management contract, which is already yielding system uptime performance above 99% after MESA field engineers managed over 350 service calls in the first quarter alone, all meeting or exceeding the response times and system uptime set out in the contract.
Keith Search, Alliance Medical’s Chief Operating Officer – UK & Northern Europe, said, “The Mesa team is really committed to delivering the contract and are providing our operational teams with a very high standard of support and a quality service. We look forward to working with MESA in coming years. The transparency of progress and status of service calls and the management information provided to Alliance Medical UK is a step change in communication, performance and information about our systems.”
Fadi Ghuneim, MESA’s Vice President of Diagnostic Imaging Service Delivery – UK, who lead the service launch and leads MESA’s UK operations and service delivery, explains “System Uptime and estimated time to repair (ETTR) are the key performance indicators diagnostic imaging providers can use to measure the quality of their equipment service, especially in comparison to the quality of service they receive from the original manufacturers of the equipment. It is a testament to the strength of our operation and the dedication of our engineers that our first reports from the UK show us living up to the standards we’ve already set with our prior performance throughout Europe.”
MESA, in fact, since 2009 has provided maintenance service for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 diagnostic imaging equipment in more than a dozen countries across Europe, beginning with a similar 5-year deal with Euromedic International. Alliance and Euromedic are the top two diagnostic imaging market players with significant cross-border European operations, and MESA’s collaboration with both providers elevates their standing in the marketplace as the first and largest independent service operator (ISO) in Europe providing diagnostic imaging maintenance service, spare parts, equipment refurbishment, and asset management solutions.
MESA’s Executive Chairman, Rob Piconi added, “Quality of patient care for our customers is our first priority at MESA.  It starts with having the best trained people that are dedicated to delivering every minute and every hour for our customers in situations where the OEM systems fail to scan properly. In Diagnostic Imaging Service, maximising system uptime for our customers while providing real-time visibility and analytic tools helps our customers provide the best end-patient care and experience. We are very pleased to have established a long-term partnership with Alliance Medical. We share many of the same values and passion regarding quality of care for patients, and look forward to a long and fruitful development of our partnership in the years to come.”