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Mathematical approach contributes to 60% less CT radiation dose

Siemens Healthcare has introduced “Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space” (IRIS) to generate high-quality CT images with smaller radiation doses. By mid-2010, most systems of the SOMATOM Definition product family will be equipped with this new technology.
IRIS is much faster than previous approaches to iterative processes and works by reconstructing the sectional views from raw data, making better use of the information.

With 60% less radiation dose during scanning, IRIS can reach the same signal to noise ratio as Filtered Back Projection (FBP) with a full dose.
Compared to the current standard method for image reconstruction, IRIS offers two options: clinicians can either generate the same image quality as with FBP and reduce the dose by up to 60 per cent or they can maintain the same dose and generate significantly better image quality. 
“In short, time and computing capacity requirements prohibited the application in clinical settings. Now, IRIS is poised to widen the scope of iterative reconstruction and bring it into the clinical field,” said Russell Lodge, CT Product Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

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