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Largest single numerical toolkit for MATLAB now available

29 September, 2009  

Healthcare IT managers seeking a broad range of mathematical and statistical functionality important to health data management without the considerable expense and bother of sourcing multiple MATLAB toolboxes, can now access 1,415 rigorously tested numerical routines in the Mark 22 Release of the multipurpose NAG TOOLBOX FOR MATLAB.

This one-stop solution for healthcare information managers computing needs also allows modelers to easily and confidently migrate prototype code developed in the MATLAB environment to final production code in advanced programming languages such as C or FORTRAN while still using the same robust algorithms.

NAG is renowned for the quality of its documentation and example programs to assist users. In addition, this release of the NAG TOOLBOX FOR MATLAB includes more than a dozen quickly accessible MATLAB-based examples of advanced programming for optimisation problems, simulations, time series analyses and other functions important to strategic healthcare planning.