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Large Phase III Study CASIMAS confirms its good efficacy in patients with malignant ascites

21 September, 2012  
For the first time in the therapy of malignant ascites, it has been possible to make an important advance using the tri-functional antibody Catumaxomab (Removab®). The significant prolongation of puncture-free survival and the puncture-free interval compared to paracentesis alone makes it possible to achieve better symptom control and a positive effect on the quality of life of those affected. At ESMO 2012 Congress, we will present recent data from the phase III study CASIMAS which further support the benefit of Removab® in a large patient population.
One of the most important results of the study is the puncture-free interval of almost 3.5 months, which means that there is a clearly more stable / better quality of life for patients. Consequently, the study has produced important, clinically relevant results and provides strong and extensive evidence regarding the use of Removab® in everyday practice.