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King’s College Hospital installs ACUSON S2000

12 May, 2009  

The Radiology department at King’s College Hospital is now benefiting from enhanced ultrasound image quality and optimised workflow following the installation of an ACUSON S2000™ from Siemens Healthcare. The hospital also uses the S2000’s Virtual Touch™ application for Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) imaging to assist with scanning the liver.

The S2000 is a next-generation ultrasound system offering superior image quality to improve diagnostic confidence, plus it ensures user and patient comfort through its adaptive ergonomic design. It is being used at the hospital predominantly for contrast ultrasound of the liver and testicular cases as well as more general scanning.

The Virtual Touch application uses acoustic energy to compress tissue and provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of deep-tissue stiffness. This is particularly beneficial for examinations of the liver and is also a quick, non-invasive solution for diagnosis. 

The system includes an 18L6 HD transducer for use in testicular ultrasound examinations at the hospital. It has a long cable for ease of use and features an ElastoGrip™ ergonomic grip coating that improves control by reducing grip force and operator fatigue.

“ARFI provides a high-quality level of imaging when conducting ultrasound scans of the liver,” states Paul Sidhu, consultant radiologist at King’s College Hospital. “As the primary user of the system, I have found the S2000 to be comfortable as well as easy to use, and its portability has served as a great benefit to the hospital.”

“We are very pleased that King’s College Hospital has installed one of our leading ultrasound systems,” stated Yianni Kiromitis, regional sales manager, Ultrasound at Siemens Healthcare. “The S2000 is a real step forward for ultrasound imaging as it offers next-generation functionality for all disciplines and expands the range of techniques offered to patients.”

The S2000 is compact, lightweight and portable and provides user comfort. The controls are within easy reach of the operator, and its flexible arm and flat-panel display ensure clear image quality in all lighting environments. The system draws together the latest imaging innovations, including 2D, 3D, colour and pulse-wave Doppler and 4D images to optimise workflow and simplify examinations.

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