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Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices launches CareAdvantage

15 June, 2017  

Leveraging 130 years of knowledge and expertise across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices (JJMD) is proud to launch a new approach to help drive value-based healthcare in hospitals across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) – CareAdvantage.

This is a data-driven, holistic approach in which JJMD partners with hospitals and other healthcare providers to provide a range of benefits, tailored to the customer’s specific needs and priorities.
The healthcare marketplace is changing, with intensifying pressure to meet the ‘triple aim’ of improving outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs. As the focus shifts from volume to value, there is a growing need for new delivery models, resulting in rapid transformation for hospital systems, clinicians and their patients.
We understand our customers need support that is tailored to their specific set of circumstances – and that is exactly what CareAdvantage provides,” said Michelle Brennan, Company Group Chair, JJMD EMEA. “We have the benefit of drawing on the incredible depth of knowledge and capabilities that exists within the Johnson & Johnson healthcare network and we work together with our hospital partners to co-create measurable programs that will deliver on their strategic priorities.”
Explaining more about the approach, Hugo Breda, Vice President Strategic Capabilities, JJMD EMEA said, “We believe that solving starts with listening. CareAdvantage begins with a structured and in-depth assessment based on performance data and insights. Gathering this information and context is fundamental to the CareAdvantage approach, and helps ensure our solutions deliver value at every point along the care pathway.”
CareAdvantage is focused on four key areas:

  1. Improving the patient experience: Tailored programs to support patients and healthcare professionals with comprehensive disease management, helping guide the coordination of care, standardise key practices, and engage patients throughout their health journey.
  2. Driving supply chain efficiencies: Focusing on customer needs, to build solutions that streamline resources, workflows, and processes, to maintain quality whilst saving both time and costs.
  3. Building clinical partnerships: Working side-by-side with healthcare partners to develop research, real world evidence, and economic validation while delivering state-of-the-art education.
  4. Providing commercial support: A range of flexible programs, from consulting to implementation and outcomes, based on our shared investments and goals. These are designed to evolve with the marketplace and support hospitals to understand the broader context of their needs.