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Johnson and Johnson takes on battle to cure cancer

5 June, 2009  

A researcher at health care giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has said the company will develop better-targeted drugs capable of curing cancer.

Dr William Hait, who joined the company in 2007, told analysts that the company is aiming to become a leader in cancer therapy within the next five years.

As well as creating drugs to cure, prevent or stifle cancer, J&J researchers are also concentrating their efforts on areas of unmet medical need, including diabetes, hepatitis C and HIV.

The company told a conference it is launching two new drugs and has seven more awaiting approval in the US.

Dr Hait said it will develop its cancer drugs through its recent acquisition of Cougar Biotechnology and a host of partnerships with other companies and institutions, including a huge Chinese cancer hospital.

He said: “Johnson and Johnson will transform cancer to a preventable, chronic or curable disease by delivering extraordinary diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that prolong and improve patients’ lives.”

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