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Italian doctors arrested on murder charge

10 June, 2008  

Police in Italy have said that alleged unnecessary operations to make money led to the death of five patients, BBC News has reported.

BBC News said that five elderly patients died following unnecessary procedures, according to police, including a woman who died after having been made to have three operations to resect a tumour instead of one.

According to BBC News, the police said clinic staff falsified medical tests to provide justification for the operations, and in doing so boosted their income by as much as €25,000 (£20,000) in some months.

Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported that police have seized 4,000 medical records from the clinic.

Two senior doctors from Milan’s Santa Rita private clinic have been arrested under suspicion on murder, with a further eleven being placed under house arrest, said BBC News.

Those under house arrest are being detained for suspected offences including manslaughter, patient-harm and defrauding the healthcare system.

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