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iSOFT wins new customers in Germany

13 July, 2010  

iSOFT Group Limited has won contracts with five new customers in Germany in the past month totalling €3.9 million ($5.8 million).
Both Stadtklinik Frankenthal and Rudolf Virchow hospital at Glauchau will switch to iSOFT’s ClinicCentre solution by January 2011. ClinicCentre will serve as a central hub ensuring the availability of accurate patient and clinical information across the hospitals.  
The 335-bed Rudolf Virchow is also taking iSOFT’s BusinessCentre application for financial accounting and a third-party pharmacy solution. The seamless integration of these applications was a key factor in the decision.
Elsewhere, the Verbundklinikum Landkreis Ansbach has agreed a deal for a web-portal and solutions for data warehousing, enterprise scheduling, and referral management. The move is to support its growth strategy ahead of a merger with the nearby Ansbacher Hospital in two years.
Regarded as being highly innovative, the hospital will use referral management to analyse referrer trends and so tailor its services to referring GPs and patients. With iSOFT Enterprise Scheduling, it aims to improve resource management and appointments planning and so reduce waiting times, avoid duplication and cut costs. The iSOFT portal will help strengthen ties with GPs in the region by permitting online referrals and giving them secure access to patient records. 
Universitätsklinikum Leipzig has placed an order for a laboratory information system for all pathology departments at the large teaching hospital. The goal is for a common, hospital-wide laboratory system with a single database, and seamless integration with an existing HIS.
iSOFT Laboratory will support 400 laboratory staff and 230 computer terminals. A further 500 terminals will be installed in around 60 wards and outpatient clinics for clinical staff to request tests and view results online.
Radiologie Hannover has signed a deal for iSOFT Radiology to connect two different sites in Hannover to improve appointment scheduling and share results and diagnostic reports, and create a paper-free operation. It will have a measurable impact on treatment quality. The single, integrated solution will put an end to difficulties and delays in retrieving images and reports, saving clerical time and improving clinical care. It will also improve staff efficiency, eliminate duplicate tests, and help cut waiting times and costs.
All five contracts include maintenance and support services for five years.