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Invendoscopy safe and effective in colorectal cancer screening

The invendoscopy system has been found to be safe and effective in the screening of colorectal cancer, following a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

The Invendo SC20, a new, self-propelled colonoscope (manufactured by Invendo Medical) was also found to be helpful in reducing sedation.

Consisting of a sheathed endoscope within an inverted sleeve, the Invendo SC20 has an instrument channel and an electrohydraulic bendable tip and is steered using a handheld device and propelled by a motorized drive unit.

A total of 61 volunteers (34 men, 27 women), aged between 50 and 70-years-old, were subjected to total colonoscopy, using carbon dioxide insufflation or water instillation on demand. All procedures were started without sedation.
Cecum was reached in 60 volunteers (cecal intubation rate of 98.4%) and the median time to reach the cecum was 15 min (range 7–53.5).

Sedation was given in three participants. On withdrawal (median time 15 min), the material for histological evaluation was obtained from 33 polyps (mean size 4.8 mm) in 23 people by biopsy forceps or snare. No device-related complications were encountered.

The researchers concluded: “A new computer-assisted colonoscope, controlled using a handheld device, showed excellent cecal intubation rates during screening examinations, with sedation required in only ~5% of participants. Further clinical and comparative studies are warranted.”

With bases in New York, USA, and Kissing, Germany, invendo medical is a leading developer of disposable endoscopy products in the field of gastroenterology that are hygienically safe and employ “no manual push” remote control advancement technology.

The American Journal of Gastroenterology