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iNtuition rises to the SCCT challenge to achieve optimal effectiveness in Cardiac CT

17 July, 2009  

TeraRecon, Inc., a leader in advanced visualization and decision support solutions for medical imaging and a premier partner with SCCT, will showcase Aquarius iNtuition’s comprehensive cardiovascular application suite at the SCCT 4th Annual Scientific Meeting to be held at Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, July 16-19, 2009.  

TeraRecon has redoubled its commitment to the SCCT’s mission by augmenting the workflow and reporting capabilities of its market-leading Aquarius iNtuition 4.4 software to achieve increased productivity and enhanced compliance with the recently-released SCCT reporting guidelines for interpreting and reporting Coronary CTA. {1}

This years’ SCCT meeting will also place special emphasis on low dose scanning strategies, and TeraRecon is committed to continual improvement of advanced visualization technology such that acceptable diagnostic results may be obtained from ever-lower dose studies. TeraRecon president & CEO, Robert Taylor, Ph.D said, “TeraRecon recognizes the important role of the analysis algorithms in our software, to enabling the use of lower dose strategies, and we will continue to invest significant research and development efforts in this area, to build upon our achievements to date in supporting low-dose imaging with iNtuition.”

iNtuition 4.4 provides physicians anytime, anywhere access to fully-featured cardiovascular clinical tools, remarkable automation features and intuitive reading workflows which are made readily available throughout the healthcare enterprise and beyond.  Only TeraRecon’s iNtuition solution can deliver these capabilities via an intelligently designed, entirely client/server solution. 

iNtuition’s automated workflow templates allow clinicians to define their individual workflow steps in order to optimize their workflow and increase consistency.  In addition, iNtuition’s automated preprocessing performs centerline, segmentation and labeling tasks so that the image data is ready for immediate interpretation upon accessing the study. If required, the automated processing work can be further edited by a specialist with these edits being saved for later physician access or collaborative review. The final results can be easily distributed by sending a URL link to referring clinicians which launches AquariusWEB™, an interactive browser-based 3D viewer.