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Intersurgical introduces oral pneumonia preventer

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) is a growing concern in modern hospital environments. Many recent studies document that it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia by performing basic patient oral hygiene. 

Intersurgical is introducing another new product option in the range of Oral Care products to target the fight against VAP. 

The OroCare Select has been designed with a small atraumatic brush head and soft bristles for optimum care even in challenging oropharyngeal situations. The new brush features on-the-tip suctioning and a comfortably located thumb hole to activate the suction process.

OroCare Select not only offers brushing and suctioning in a single brush, but also allows the user to irrigate through the same system. The brush comes with an empty ampoule and filler tool, which allows the care provider to fill it with liquid of their choice. By controlling the complete oral hygiene process with just one hand, OroCare Select offers the utmost flexibility in patient care.

For those users, who prefer the use of tooth paste in their hospital protocol, Intersurgical offer the optional OroFill Select Sterile Water ampoules. This allows the user to perform oral hygiene in a fast and convenient way with a single hand operation.

OroCare tooth gel is available in single doses for use with any of our Oral Care toothbrush systems. ” target=”_self”>Intersurgical