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Innovative laparoscopic surgical device

28 May, 2013  
Olympus has launched the SONICBEAT, an innovative laparoscopic surgical device.
The SONICBEAT is new to the UK and forms part of Olympus’ enhanced range of energy products. It is a sister product to the acclaimed THUNDERBEAT that has taken the medical device market by storm.
The SONICBEAT harnesses ultrasonic energy for rapid cutting speed together with high levels of haemostasis. It boasts a ‘wiper jaw’ mechanism and fine tip design that allows faster cutting, easier dissection, more homogenous grasping force, plus equivalent vessel sealing when compared to existing ultrasonic energy devices. The design also minimises mist, allowing a clearer laparoscopic view which may further improve operating theatre efficiency.
In addition to the clinical benefits of the SONICBEAT, cost-efficiency is a central attribute. The economical SONICBEAT is particularly well suited for intermediate laparoscopic procedures. It is driven by the latest Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System generator platform, as is the THUNDERBEAT, meaning further efficiencies can be made through generator standardisation across an operating department.
Simona Esposito, Head of Surgical Energy at Olympus said: “Olympus is committed to bringing cutting edge technology to the market. The launch of our new SONICBEAT device is further evidence of our dedication to providing the very best surgical devices, while presenting cost-effective solutions.”
The SONICBEAT is based upon the highly successful THUNDERBEAT, launched by Olympus last year. It is the world’s only integrated surgical device which combines advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies in a single instrument.  Such a combination of energy forms allows a fastest-in-class  cutting speed together with high levels of haemostasis, including the ability to seal vessels of up to 7mm diameter.