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Innovative FNA needle medical device to endoscopy product portfolio

Available exclusively through Imotech Medical, the BNX System is the only fine needle aspiration (FNA) device with a universal delivery system compatible with all needle sizes, which provides endoscopy professionals with a low cost, fast solution to help optimise GI disease diagnosis.
Clinical workflow is improved due to its multiple FNA capability and the easy loading and unloading of low cost, high performance FNA needles of varying sizes.
Andrew Dawe, General Manager at Imotech Medical, commented: “This latest technology will continue to strengthen our portfolio of Fujifilm products and our position as an innovator in the UK endoscopy market. What makes this system stand out is the positive impact it will have on clinical efficiency due to the time saved by using the interchangeable delivery system. It also assists with safety, as the product automatically protects all needles with a shield during needle removal, thereby reducing the potential risk of any injuries to the patient and staff conducting the procedures. The BNX System also offers the only needle designed to be compliant with needle stick prevention standards, which is essential for any patient treatment.”
“We are gratified at the exceptionally high level of clinical interest generated by the introduction of the BNX System, our novel delivery system for EUS procedures and believe that by working with and learning from the key GI opinion leaders, we can maximise the success of our full commercial launch to the broader market. Our overall goal is to provide physicians with better solutions for existing procedures,” said Brian Tinkham, Co-Founder of Beacon Endoscopic.