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Infection control possible with new anti-MRSA package

The first complete package able to significantly reduce the risk to hospital patients of contracting and spreading the potentially fatal MRSA and other dangerous infections has been made available to the public today.

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PatientPak, a ground-breaking patient health, hygiene and comfort package, is the first publicly available product that kills and cleans away MRSA and at least 99.999% of all hospital acquired infection-causing bacteria – doing so in just 10 seconds – which virtually eliminates the possibility of contracting MRSA with regular use.

The revolutionary PatientPak is a low-cost and publicly available package of health, hygiene and comfort products which allows the patient to take control of their own precaution against MRSA and other harmful infections, and also helps relatives to care for their loved ones during and after their hospital stay. One of the primary ways that MRSA and other harmful infection-causing bacteria are spread is by touch, meaning that the necessity for harmful bacteria-free hands and surface hygiene is essential.
As a direct result, PatientPak contains a hand sanitiser, which kills and cleans away bacteria on hands, and sanitising wipes, which include the same bacteria-killing and cleaning formula and are suitable for use on both hands and surfaces. If used regularly, the PatientPak hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes will have a major impact on reducing the possibility of contracting a hospital-acquired infection, including MRSA.