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Improve healthcare systems through the use of IT

Following the launch of their CityNext initiative in the summer, Microsoft has recently launched an IDC Health Insights white paper that explores how cities across the world can implement sustainable health and improve their healthcare systems through the use of IT.
If it is of interest, in addition to sharing the white paper, I can also arrange for an interview with Neil Jordan, Worldwide General Manager for the Health Industry at Microsoft. Some of the topics that Neil could provide some insight on include:
  • Mobility in healthcare: how is data allowing healthcare professionals to change the way they deliver healthcare for example, secure data sharing through solutions like HER, ePrescription systems and Health Information Exchange Platforms
  • The current situation with EPR/EMR across Europe and globally, opportunities for medical professionals with EPR/EMR and how to maximise effectiveness
  • Health apps for healthcare professionals, helping them in their day to day jobs as they see patients and enabling collaboration with other care providers
  • Telehealth and the opportunities for personalised medicine and remote healthcare delivery
  • Delivery of patient centric services through relationship management solutions and automated follow up processes