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Hospital unveils geothermal plans

31 January, 2008  

Pioneering plans have been unveiled by a hospital to build Europe’s largest geothermal energy system.

King’s Mill Hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, is going to spend £4m sinking seven devices into a nearby reservoir as part of the project.

The system will provide cool water to run the air-conditioning when the weather is warm, and provide 40% of the energy to heat the hospital during the winter months.

It will also beat the Government’s target that all NHS trusts make 15% energy savings by 2010, as it will save 19%.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust believes the system, which will be operational by June, will cut the hospital’s carbon footprint by 400 tonnes a year, saving it £120,000 per annum.

More than half of the total cost of the project is being paid for by the Government, and any trees or shrubs that are disturbed during the work will be replaced.

Project director John Williams said: “We are a major health organisation and the biggest employer in the area, and with that comes a major responsibility for minimising our impact on the environment.

“This project will make life much more comfortable for our staff and patients, reduce our carbon footprint and save the NHS money.”

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Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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