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Hospital staff deploy head cameras

12 December, 2008  

A Devon hospital trust is believed to be the first in Britain to equip its security staff with the latest state of the art, head mounted surveillance cameras.

The technology being used by security officers at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is intended to help in the prosecution of violent and abusive patients and visitors.

Police forces already use the cameras to combat crime, and it is hoped they will help the hospital crack down on violent offences such as punching, kicking, spitting and biting.

Each officer will wear one of the small head cameras, which they will turn on when attending a call-out.

Hospital security adviser Viv Gale said the cameras, which cost £10,000, will play a significant role in prosecutions.

“We will not tolerate our staff being abused, verbally or physically, by patients or visitors and we will seek prosecutions if necessary,” he said.

“The cameras will play a significant role in this, as the evidence we gather from an incident can be used to take the offender to court.”

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