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Hospital department joins Pubwatch

A hospital’s emergency department has joined a Pubwatch scheme to stop drunks abusing staff, in what is believed to be the first such move by any hospital in England and Wales.

It is intended to make patients and visitors think twice before being abusive or violent towards staff in the A&E department at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital in Lancashire.

The department has signed up to the local pub security scheme, which bars drinkers from all pubs if they are abusive or violent.

It means that should revellers attack or insult doctors or nurses at the hospital they could also be barred from every one of the area’s 22 pubs and clubs.

Tina Lawrenson, acting matron at Chorley Emergency Department, said: “This is a great idea.

“Abusive and violent behaviour against NHS staff has become more commonplace. The (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation) Trust already has a series of measures in place to deal with the problem but being banned from pubs and clubs should act as a further deterrent as it has a profound effect on their lifestyle.”

“We are delighted the scheme has been extended to include the A&E department.”

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