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HIMSS Analytics Europe ramps up data collection in France

HIMSS Analytics in Europe has announced it will start data collection in France in order to enable hospitals to understand and improve their level of digital maturity. The national initiative “Programme Hôpital Numérique” with the goal to digitise all hospitals will end in 2017, so this is the right time to measure where hospitals are at the moment and what still needs to be done within the remaining two years.

HIMSS will enable hospitals to use its EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) at no cost, in order to identify the levels of electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities ranging from stage 0 which demonstrates clinical IT support being mostly limited to departmental systems, up to stage 7 with a paperless patient record environment that enables improved quality of care and better organisational performance.

Jörg Studzinski, Senior Consultant at HIMSS Analytics in Europe said: “The model is used by more than 8000 hospitals around the world. It enables healthcare providers to strategise their path to become a digital hospital and enables the identification of best practice where hospitals, using a globally standardised assessment methodology, can learn from each other and improve care delivery for their patients.

Each hospital participating in the assessment will receive their EMRAM score and a gap analysis that highlights missing applications and processes to improve the organisation’s Electronic Medical Record system and achieve higher EMRAM stages. In addition hospitals will be able to compare themselves with other hospitals in France and with leading healthcare providers in Europe and across the world.

By completing the evaluation, the organisation will become member of the HIMSS French Community and have access to key insights, best practice, education and a network that supports each otherto improve the delivery of care. Being part of that community will also enable hospitals to receive member rate discounts to all HIMSS events in Europe.

Additionaly, the organisation will have the possibility to share their healthcare IT success story through Health IT Central, the HIMSS Europe media platform that publishes the latest of the European health IT news and views on one simple website.