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High-tech operating room opens in Hamburg

1 February, 2008  

The Hamburg-based hospital Ev. Amalie Sieveking-Krankenhaus is now home to Europe’s most modern high-tech operating room.

On 24 January 2008, this exceptional new facility was opened by Hamburg’s second mayor and senator for health, Birgit Schnieber-Jastram, who said: “The Ev. Amalie Sieveking-Krankenhaus has taken a further step to build on its expertise as a centre for health for the north-east of Hamburg.”

Ms Schnieber-Jastram added: “The new operating room also represents an important investment for the hospital market of our metropolitan region, as well as improving the treatment options available to patients.”

The project was realised as part of the necessary measures to restore and expand the central operating room funded by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The Albertinen Group provided additional funding for the groundbreaking instruments, networks and camera systems.

Olympus was responsible for equipping the operating rooms – and thus, helped to further underpin the Albertinen Group as one of the leading suppliers in the field of minimally invasive surgery in Hamburg.

One of the first to congratulate the hospital was the surgical expert Prof Antonio Lacy from Barcelona – who was connected live to the opening ceremony in the Ev. Amalie Sieveking-Krankenhaus.

The design incorporates blue glazed walls and two large windows; as well as a range of sophisticated technology. For example, digitalised X-ray images and endoscopy findings can be directly transmitted to the surgeons’ screens. Live links to other hospitals, practices or to national and international congresses can also be set up at any time.

“The new operating room represents a major technological leap for the Albertinen Group”, explained Prof Dr Fokko ter Haseborg, Chairman of the Board of the Albertinen-Diakoniewerk. “I am extremely pleased to have found such a strong and innovative partner in Olympus for the realisation of our plans.”

The new high-tech operating room is aimed to be a European reference centre for minimally invasive surgery techniques.

Ralf Pinnau, Managing Director of the Ev. Amalie Sieveking-Krankenhaus commented: “With this project, we are continuing our strategy of becoming a technological leader despite being a small hospital.

“Following the successful implementation of cardiac infarction care with one of North Germany’s most modern catheter laboratories, together with Olympus we are now committed to further developing a centre for minimally invasive surgery and minimally invasive surgical gynaecology.

“Without a doubt, the hospital has become one of the most interesting places to work in the field of minimally invasive surgery which, in the long term, makes us even more attractive to potential employees and consultants.”

Ev. Amalie Sieveking-Krankenhaus