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Healing Beyond Disease™ initiatives to change people’s lives living with rare diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is honouring Rare Disease Day today with the launch of Healing Beyond Disease™, a global, Amicus employee-driven initiative inspired by people living with rare diseases and their families.

Healing Beyond Disease is designed to enhance and expand the Company’s support for patients, families and advocacy organisations beyond the Company’s research and development of novel medicines. More information on Healing Beyond Disease is available in an infographic on the Amicus corporate website.

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Healing Beyond Disease is based on five key ‘pillars’ and leverages Amicus’ varied internal resources, existing philanthropic endeavours and drug development expertise to bring a different level of support to the rare disease community. Through innovative volunteerism, philanthropy, and mentorship for individuals, non-profit organisations and others, Healing Beyond Disease will provide further support to the rare disease community, including broad access in geographies where the need for Amicus medicines exists but the potential of having marketed, reimbursed products does not.

John F Crowley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Therapeutics, stated, “We are thrilled and honoured to officially launch Healing Beyond Disease, our unique promise to further serve the needs of the rare disease community in extraordinary ways. Our core mission at Amicus is to make great medicines. Healing Beyond Disease, however, is a commitment to do even more than that. It is based on the notion that we are in this business to positively change the lives of people living with rare diseases in many ways. The five unique pillars of our Healing Beyond Disease program reflect our obligations beyond the therapies that we provide. This broader commitment to the rare disease community is a long-term one and it is core to our company beliefs. It includes our philanthropic endeavours, investment in next generation treatments within our current therapeutic areas of focus, and our emerging plans to make our medicines accessible to patients in every part of the world possible – to heal beyond disease.”

Jayne C Gershkowitz, Chief Patient Advocate at Amicus Therapeutics, commented, “Collaborating with rare disease advocates daily, I believe championing and serving patient communities creates a sense of mission and purpose that inspires all Amicus employees. Healing Beyond Disease is a tangible hallmark of our belief at Amicus that each one of us has the unique ability to do an immense amount of good. This is just the beginning.”