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Ground breaking innovation and economies for cardiac devices

NayaMed, the new cardiac medical device company, is today launching its new and dynamic e-procurement platform that gives healthcare professionals 24-hour access to digital inventory management, communities, eLearning, product information and technical support to help NHS trusts and independent hospital groups reduce costs and reduce the time taken for procedures.
The company was established 18 months ago to provide innovative ways to buy high quality pacemakers and defibrillators quickly and could ensure savings of up to 30%*, without compromising safety or quality.
NayaMed has a proven track record of working with NHS hospitals across the UK. Trusts, including South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust and St Helens and Knowlsey NHS Trust, are already benefitting from significant savings and improved process efficiencies. This means that health professionals can access the devices they need, when they need them, as well as access instant help and advice – allowing more time and attention to what really matters – patient care.
The growing number of Trusts benefitting from NayaMed’s products and services looks set to continue following news today that they have been approved by the London Procurement Programme (LPP) to provide high quality pacemakers and defibrillators to NHS Trusts in the Capital.
NayaMed are innovators within telemedicine and have created a dynamic e-procurement platform that gives healthcare professionals 24-hour access to digital inventory management, communities, eLearning, product information and technical support.
Central to this service is the ground-breaking Remote Technical Support that provides technical expertise during implants and follow-ups. This service, available at the press of a button, eliminates dependence on the attendance of a technical specialist onsite and allows cardiac departments to streamline sourcing, supply and inventory management, giving highly professional assistance when needed.
The system has been used widely and successfully in Italy, Germany and Sweden and the positive reaction from cardiologists and administrators has been universal.
St Helens and Knowlsey NHS Trust has been utilising the innovative NayaMed e-procurement system for the past 18 months and sees that its state-of-the-art technology is the future of how their pacemaker technology is sourced and serviced.
Dr Martin Royle, Consultant Cardiologist, St Helens and Knowlsey NHS Trust, said: “The overall experience of NayaMed has been incredibly positive. The system allows us to track our stock online to ensure that we have the right leads and devices in stock before implant, keep track of devices that are close to expiry and allows us to compile a contemporary and accurate database.”
Chris Rogers, Country Manager UK, NayaMed said representatives of both NHS and independent hospitals are signing up for the new cost saving system in increasing numbers. “We knew from our experience abroad that the innovations we have designed would bring benefits to UK healthcare providers, just as they are facing increasing pressure to find savings across all budgets,” he said.
“With up to 30%* savings in the purchase price of devices and time savings too, it is easy to see that major economies can be realised for busy cardiology departments.  The money saved can then be used in so many ways or cutbacks avoided.  Nationwide, if the take-up of the NayaMed eBusiness platform were universal, many millions of pounds could be saved.”
* Levels of savings is dependent on customer adoption as well as existing customer agreements