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Graduates limit “hits hospitals”

5 November, 2008  

An MP has claimed that a limit on foreign graduates is causing problems for hospitals, which are now struggling to recruit junior doctors as a consequence.

Eric Illsley, Labour MP for Barnsley Central, said his local NHS trust had reported “a great deal of difficulty” filling posts below consultant level.

He said that the situation had been put down by the trust’s director to a ban on allowing non-EU doctors to apply for training posts introduced earlier this year.

During Commons question time, Mr Illsley said: “The medical director of my local NHS trust has reported a great deal of difficulty in recruiting doctors for essential positions within the hospital below consultant level, as a direct consequence of the restrictions placed on the numbers of international graduates coming into this country.

“Do you have any proposals to review that system, as it would appear that there are too few doctors available for the posts which are available now?”

Health Secretary Alan Johnson said the moves had been brought in to ensure British taxpayers got value for money, and added: “You cannot have a policy of self-sufficiency and a policy of an open door.”

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