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Gloves pass viral penetration test

Ansell Healthcare, the global leader in hand barrier protection, announces that its 20 key medical gloves (surgical and examination) have been successfully tested on a stringent new viral penetration test method. All Ansell gloves tested passed this new protocol, which dynamically simulates the rubbing and stretching of gloves during use. No viral penetration was detected, resulting in an additional safety guarantee for healthcare professionals using Ansell gloves. The testing is the result of collaboration between the department of toxicology and special chemistry and the virology lab at Belgium’s Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and Ansell Healthcare Europe.

Healthcare workers are in daily contact with patients’ body fluids and blood capable of transmitting disease. Of particular concern are the blood-borne viruses which cause hepatitis B (HBV) and C (HCV) and AIDS (HIV). During exposure to fluids, viral penetration may occur through imperfections such as pinholes, porous materials, tears, or other imperfections or manufacturing defects in glove material.

In order to more closely simulate real-life, dynamic situations, Ansell Healthcare developed the Ansell Viral Penetration Programme (AVPP), involving a unique test device for permeation / penetration level testing. Originally developed for testing permeation to cytostatic chemicals, the machine reproduces rubbing, stress, exposure and tension, which medical gloves endure in daily work manipulations.

AVPP represents an additional step Ansell Healthcare is taking to ensure the quality of its medical gloves. To increase safety, Ansell maintains strict on/off-line controls and tests on resistance values.