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German e-health company expands hospital IT offering

CompuGROUP Holding AG, based in Koblenz, has increased its share in the German hospital IT market by its acquisition of fliegal data GmbH, and by its subsidiary systema Deutschland GmbH’s purchase of herbert dahm datensysteme GmbH.

CompuGROUP is now in the process of completing its product portfolio in the German hospital and clinic group market segment, together with its subsidiaries ISPRO (GP portal), Aescudata (ERP and hospital pharmacies), ifap (pharmacy databases) and vita-X (electronic patient records), which are also active in this market segment.

Almost one in two German hospitals use CompuGROUP’s software products. In the European market, the company and its further subsidiaries in the hospital information system (HIS) segment in Austria, Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic make up the top group of hospital information system providers.

Since 1979, fliegel data has been developing the HIS fd-klinika at its company headquarters at Höxter, used by approximately 200 hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes. It will be integrated in the product portfolio of systema Deutschland, which specialises in both HIS picture archiving and communication systems  (PACS).

Dr Wolrad Rube, joint head of fliegel data, said: “Due to our alliance with CompuGROUP, we will be able to act faster and better in the market in the future. Our products are top-notch, and CompuGROUP provides our users with the necessary, secure basis in a rapidly developing market.”

Distribution and customer services of systema’s solutions are handled by the company’s regional expert centres located in Koblenz, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hanover.

Frank Gotthardt, Director of the Board of CompuGROUP, said: “The acquisition of fliegel data constitutes a strategic investment in the acute care and rehabilitation market as well as a fundamental step towards becoming number one in the worldwide e-health market.

“Our expansion strategy has paid off. We will continue to pursue our chosen path consequently and grow further to be able to provide even more international hospitals and clinic centres with  optimal solutions.”