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Future Labs launches FlipPad™

Future Labs Group has launched FlipPad™, a medical-grade ruggedised case for iPads which allows them to be used in hospital settings where hygiene and ruggedness are essential. FlipPad, which can be used with the iPad 2 and the new iPad HD, has been designed to pass tough standards for waterproofing and shock protection, and to be easy to clean with standard infection control sprays.
Visitors to EHI Live 2012, where FlipPad was launched, saw practical demonstrations of the protection it provides, including seeing an iPad protected by FlipPad come out unscathed after being cleaned at a sink. Further still, the special glass was dropped and stood on, whilst remaining intact.  Another added feature was the ability to use a FlipPad protected iPad using rubber gloves and to make simple annotations on the screen against a medical image being shown on the iPad. FlipPad makes handling an iPad much easier to use in a variety of situations, thanks to its flexible arm, which allows it to be held, stood up or attached to the frame of a bed. 
Visitors to the Future Labs Group stand also heard about the positive experiences of early adopters of FlipPad, which is currently being deployed in 7 NHS pilot sites. Mike Casey, Future Labs Group CEO, said: “The NHS is increasingly looking to mobile technology to improve patient care and many healthcare organisations are turning to the iPad because of its large screen size, fast start up and good battery life. FlipPad ensures the iPad can survive the rough handling of clinical settings and can be introduced without compromising hygiene standards or increasing the risk of healthcare-associated infections.”
Healthcare-associated infections (HCAI) affect more than 300,000 patients each year, with one in ten hospital inpatients picking up an HCAI. These infections are estimated to cost the NHS around £1 billion annually, while patients with an HCAI are seven times more likely to die than uninfected patients and will spend an average of an extra 11 days in hospital.
Casey commented, “It’s vital that, as we introduce more technology into clinical settings to improve care, we don’t also introduce more opportunities for infections to be passed between patients, staff and visitors. Every aspect of FlipPad has been chosen to ensure it can be easily and safely cleaned with standard infection control sprays to reach the same hygiene standards as any other equipment on the ward. We also took into account feedback from clinical staff at Great Ormond Street when refining our initial prototype into the rugged, hygienic model launched at EHI Live.” Watch a practical demonstration of Flipad™ here.
FlipPad is the start of a new medical grade product range for the iPad and integrates with a new product called LasarPen™, which allows users to draw directly on the iPad. Waterproof and made of the same durable material as the FlipPad, the LasarPen can be used with standard iPad drawing apps or a range of specialist clinical drawing and data collection apps being developed by Future Labs Group.
Future Labs Group is on track to become fully accredited to Apple’s MFi (Made For iPad) program in the New Year.